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Examples of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers

<h1>Examples of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers</h1><p>Examples of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers have the benefit of the outcomes previously composed, so it needn't bother with a ton of composing work to complete it. The selection of subjects can likewise be a lot more extensive. On the off chance that the papers are generally about innovation and technical studies, it is essential to recognize the part in the article to isolate the conversation from the subject.</p><p></p><p>Examples of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers will normally give an away from of what sort of things to expound on in the subjects of the articles. Know that examination will occur in the field where the creator lives or is from. It is subsequently important to pick subjects identified with their life so as to abstain from sounding unprofessional.</p><p></p><p>There are numerous genuine instances of Sociological Qualitat ive Research Papers. Here are a few instances of research papers. A genuine case of the exploration can give data regarding the matter that is distributed in the articles.</p><p></p><p>A contextual investigation of research is a case of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers. On the off chance that an individual talked with somebody, it would be a contextual analysis of research. On the off chance that the individual meeting a gathering of individuals would be a case of the research.</p><p></p><p>Some instances of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers spread data about the foundations of the issues, the cultural and political ramifications. The paper can likewise contain the insights regarding a specific malady, cause or issue. It can likewise concentrate on other data like natural impacts, ecological perils, wrongdoing and criminal behavior.</p><p></p><p>Social relations like marriage, separation, family a nd fellowship can likewise be canvassed in a case of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers. The exploration paper can concentrate on subjects like medicinal services, instruction, religion, business, legislative issues, amusement, relaxation exercises. It could likewise cover perspectives, for example, liquor use, cigarette smoking, sedate maltreatment, tobacco and medication use.</p><p></p><p>An case of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers may likewise incorporate data about the history and culture of a zone, an ethnic gathering or a religion. The paper may likewise manage strategies for correspondence, training, lodging, movement, cash, individual fund, medicinal services, annuities, transport, recreation and instruction. They could likewise cover tranquilize use, wrongdoing, TV, films, music, expressions of the human experience, long range interpersonal communication and mass media.</p><p></p><p>Good instances of Sociological Qualitative Research Papers ought show data that is general as well as give data that is explicit to a subject. It ought to likewise manage thoughts or ideas that are intriguing. Moreover, it should utilize words that individuals use to depict the issues or issues.</p>

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Good Topics For A Argumentative Research Paper

<h1>Good Topics For An Argumentative Research Paper</h1><p>Good points for an exploration paper are anything but difficult to get a hold of, and they are significant for some reasons. While examining on a theme, it is essential to consider the exploration more than what you accept and what you can demonstrate with the realities. A decent point will serve your inclinations and will profit your examination goals.</p><p></p><p>One significant motivation to pick themes that are more fascinating than your exploration is on the grounds that the data can be introduced in various manners. You can introduce the data to a gathering or perusers. At that point you can introduce it to another person who can discuss the purposes of your examination. In any case, your exploration is a success win circumstance since you will get more individuals to hear your contentions and you will likewise have the option to do your examination all the more effectively. Al so, you can pick up information from the points of view of the others engaged with the discussion.</p><p></p><p>Another motivation to pick subjects that are more fascinating than your examination is on the grounds that the theme can fill in as a reason for discussion. The subject can fill in for instance of something the individual would discuss in the event that they were talking similarly. The purpose of the point ought not be to introduce realities however to have the individual to talk about the theme in a fascinating manner. A few instances of fascinating points are 'dog'junk.' Both of these themes can have an entire discussion with the individual being talked about and the examination ought to be intelligent of what is being discussed.</p><p></p><p>In request to discuss, you should update your exploration and present it in an engaging manner. In the event that you can't concoct a subject for the examination paper, approach others for exhortation. In some cases they can get you out and now and again they can even assistance you with your examination project.</p><p></p><p>It is additionally useful to know where your crowd is when contemplating how to discuss. Theaudience isn't really the gathering of individuals whom you are conversing with, in actuality, however those individuals who may see the exploration paper and who will see you later on. You should consider the sort of crowd you are discussing, in light of the fact that the kind of crowd may change.</p><p></p><p>When you are picking the crowd, you should consider what you need them to consider. This implies contemplating your principle contention and the result of the contention. At times, you may have various crowds, however as a rule, you ought to pick the crowd dependent on the most significant thing they will consider. For instance, an author needs to consider their crowd, in light of the fact that th e crowd will decide the tone of the work and the contention they cause will to be progressively influential if the contention depends on realities and persuading evidence.</p><p></p><p>Finally, a couple of expressions of guidance for your crowd is to pick somebody you might want to discuss. Research shows that pugnacious research papers are bound to get read and considered if the exploration subject is intriguing to them. So ensure you concoct a fascinating point and in the event that you don't, the crowd won't get on the information.</p>

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The Dos and Donts of Nhsc Scholarship Essay Question Samples

<h1> The Do's and Don'ts of Nhsc Scholarship Essay Question Samples </h1> <p>Scholarship supports begin searching for candidates with vision and inspiration, so they may get some information about your objectives and yearnings. With their help, you can appropriately lean when to sympathize capacities and abilities on the paper and your accomplishments. </p> <p>The closure of the exposition ought to repeat the significant topic. Peruse the subject of the article, structure your own assessment, and after that compose your absolute first sentence with an individual encounter which you feel emphatically about. Without understanding the essentialness of the basic topics, it is unimaginable to expect to create an immaculate article. As opposed to being given a brief, you could be mentioned to create an article on this issue of your decision. </p> <h2>Nhsc Scholarship Essay Question Samples Ideas </h2> <p>When you plan your paper and scribble down the focuses you're probably going to discuss in your draft, you will have parcel of focuses to examine. It's consequently basic you verify that you altogether plan it well and procure a draft (harsh work) of the things which you will examine before you move the draft into the essential work. In any case, it's required to make reference to all the troubles. The man or lad y is probably going to overlook a few focuses. </p> <h2> The Ugly Secret of Nhsc Scholarship Essay Question Samples</h2> <p>The sole plan to request that understudies make such grant article is to find a meriting up-and-comer from the thick populace. An example is offered underneath for the better information on understudies. In English Language, pieces or expositions really are one of the most huge aspects of the subject. Composing great organizations is fundamental in the English Language in the inclination that it empowers the understudy to be able to communicate what is in their psyche with respect to a particular issue. </p> <p>The past section will go about as your decision. Your assortment of words and the manner in which you develop your sentences are two or three focuses that may impact your application. The end can be made out of two or three sentences. In this manner, it must be elegantly composed and very much defended. </p> < p>A elegantly composed article might be the most enticing part of a grant program, and that is the reason long and consideration should be placed into its readiness. Despite the span of your promoting program, you should remember it is a liquid archive. Being welcomed for a grant application is a brilliant encounter that is the reason you should make indisputably the most out of it. As an outcome, their grant applications become dismissed. </p> <p>All our journalists have numerous long periods of experience. It's conceivable to plunk down alone or with a little gathering and start composing answers. Numerous understudies don't keep the coherency in the substance. </p> <h2>The Hidden Truth About Nhsc Scholarship Essay Question Samples </h2> <p>Scholarship panels aren't just keeping watch for good understudies, they are regularly attempting to locate a person that suits their hierarchical destinations. Begin conceptualizing now, and you may get y ourself a champ! By emphasizing your qualities by your composition, you will be ready to adequately convey that you're a meriting contender for their honor. A few grants gracefully you with no direction. </p> <h2>Top Choices of Nhsc Scholarship Essay Question Samples </h2> <p>Getting aware of regular paper botches and the best approach to fix them can assist you with making an amazing grant exposition. Getting enthusiastic and certified is basic. </p> <p>The absolute initial step to any exposition composing is to choose a subject of intrigue. In case you're requesting a grant, chances are you're probably going to ought to make an article. </p> <p>You're ready to include another passage on the off chance that you feel that the subsequent section is inadequate to introduce the point. Try not to make the size of your textual style too enormous nor excessively minuscule. Recall there are a few guidelines that ask that you utilize a particular structure or configuration. The general configuration of your exposition, for instance, text dimension and edges, will exclusively depend on the directions gave to you. </p>

Tofl Integrated Essay Software

<h1>Tofl Integrated Essay Software</h1><p>Tofl Integrated Essay tests are PC based programming applications that assist understudies with accomplishing their most elevated level of capability in English organization. They are utilized for educating, school and college courses and for proficient improvement training.</p><p></p><p>Tofl coordinated article tests are utilized by personnel at secondary schools, schools and colleges. The applications are utilized in each evaluation level to empower understudies to concentrate on learning and applying the aptitudes. An English significant will use Tofl exposition programming applications to upgrade and improve their scholastic success.</p><p></p><p>The fundamental motivation behind a paper is to introduce an unmistakable and compact contention that focuses to an end that sounds good to the peruser. Likewise, it should be sufficiently influential to persuade the peruser that t he thoughts are significant. Moreover, it ought to be innovative. The paper might be as an account, as on account of collections of memoirs, and may likewise incorporate some sound components, for example, portrayal, rewording, and portrayal that utilization analogies.</p><p></p><p>The papers are partitioned into areas for simpler learning, the articles may contain various sentences, sections, and even passages of various lengths. Now and again the areas can cover, so the understudy doesn't have to recollect a grouping of pages. The articles are then sorted out by the understudy as indicated by their prerequisites, so they all fit together and stream smoothly.</p><p></p><p>The expositions are put away in an envelope position. It is anything but difficult to download expositions, and they are kept in one spot for simple recovery later. Understudies are urged to have a program that permits them to survey and overhaul their papers, and th ey can do this from a similar program where they were written.</p><p></p><p>Some instances of papers remembered for the product are fiction, short stories, reading material, diaries, contextual investigations, authoritative records, course books, and specialized articles. The article tests contain tests and tests with the goal that understudies can test their aptitudes and information. The product is anything but difficult to utilize, in any event, for understudies who have never planned and altered their own article before.</p><p></p><p>All parts of the exposition are amassed together to shape a short structure that is then perused. In spite of the fact that understudies can duplicate the article and keep it on their PC, they for the most part decide to spare their paper on a glimmer drive, thumb drive, or smaller than expected drive. The structure, streak drive, thumb drive, little drive, or compact gadget would then be able to be se t in the PC case for fast and simple access.</p><p></p><p>Classes are regularly exceptionally occupied and understudies can think that its hard to track down an opportunity to survey their articles, which implies they have less an ideal opportunity to take notes. By taking a shot at one of the numerous Tofl Integrated Essay tests, understudies can survey their articles, chip away at their examination, and utilize the product application to rehearse. Instructors can pick any number of Tofl Essay tests with the goal that all understudies can look at them and use them when needed.</p>

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Easy Argumentative Essay Topics For High School Students

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics For High School StudentsEasy argumentative essay topics for high school students are relatively few and far between. The internet is filled with easy arguments and writing tips that I haven't even begun to explore in depth.So, I decided to begin looking for easy argumentative essay topics for high school students. I know that it can be hard to actually write essays if you don't have any idea of what you're doing, but there is plenty of information available on the internet to help you learn how to write an essay. I was able to find many sources on my own and am sharing those resources with you today.One of the biggest concerns when writing an essay for high school students is that they aren't going to read it. While this is definitely the case, there are still plenty of ways to make sure that your writing is clear, readable, and interesting.One of the first things you should do is make sure that you are practicing writing a good draft. This will help y ou figure out what is good and what isn't. You also need to do some research. There are many reading resources out there to help you practice your writing.You can also spend some time researching the topic of the paper and finding some good argumentative essay topics for high school students. The topic should be something that interests you. Your goal is to find ways to make the essay interesting, especially to the reader.After you find a good example, then you will want to take a look at it in your own words. This may seem like a weird way to look at it, but the best way to get a grasp on the essay is to write out loud. It will show you exactly what the writer is trying to accomplish, which will help you as you continue on your own.When you have something good essay ready, it is time to create the structure for the paper. For some high school students, this may come easier than others. However, once you have your structure in place, you will have a starting point and you can start the essay.While there is a lot of great information on the internet that can help you with writing essays, you still need to practice the skills that you have learned by writing out loud. There are plenty of resources out there to help you do this.

Essay Topics For General Knowledge Test

Essay Topics For General Knowledge TestThere are many essay topics for general knowledge test online. Here is a list of some of the common topics for GCTs that you can find.The first topic is the topics that you must write about are on the essay topic. Most students are comfortable with this topic, as they can apply it to any writing assignment. It will be easy for you to give an accurate review of the things that you have learnt from your school books and other sources. This will be useful for any test in the future. The Essay Topic for General Knowledge Test helps you tackle difficult topics by focusing your topic on simple subjects like English, History, Science, Business, Mathematics etc.Another topic is the subject matter which needs to be covered by you for the Essay Topic for General Knowledge Test. You should prepare for this topic well so that you can write well on it. If you can write well on the subject, you will be able to excel in the exams that you will take in future. The subject will also be a good way to keep your focus on the main subject of the test. The fact that you should be able to write well on the subject is another reason for studying the subject.The second topic is the topic that you should consider for the Essay Topic for General Knowledge Test. This topic will help you to come up with useful ideas. You can also derive important information from this topic.The third topic is the subject matter that you should be able to write well on the Essay Topic for General Knowledge Test. Some topics are very tough and will require you to write long paragraphs while others are easier to understand. However, if you want to get good marks in the exams you will have to be able to write well on the subject.The next topic is a pre-exam review on various topics. You will need to know about the topics before you start preparing for the exam. The purpose of the essay is to prepare you for the exam. This is a good preparation for the next phase of the es say examination. The purpose of the pre-exam essays is to prepare you for the examinations.The fourth topic is the essay topics that can help you understand the various subjects better. You will have to write intelligently. Your essay will include a lot of material on different subjects. The essay will be very hard to read as well as a task to perform.The last essay topics is one that can help you retain the information. When you get to the essay level, you will be able to repeat back what you have learned to your teacher. This will make sure that you are able to recall what you have learnt correctly.

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The Economic Mirror of Racism - Free Essay Example

â€Å"The day of the white man is over. By his own hand he created a doomsday device designed to kill you and me† (Mosley, Futureland 345). This quote is an example of how Walter Mosley expresses the bigger picture of how economics has been weaponized as a tool of racism. Racism, though decreased in severity, still remains prevalent and will continue to thrive into the future unless society makes dramatic changes to correct the trajectory. In Mosley’s mystery fiction work, Devil in a Blue Dress, and science fiction novel Futureland that includes the short story â€Å"The Nig in Me,† the author delves into the theme of systemic racism, facilitated by large organizations, fleshing out the logical conclusions from the past and the present, while making dire predictions about the inevitable effects the current direction that racism will likely have on society and finance. In Mosley’s world, the future is doomed to a dystopian outcome based upon the examples from the past. The economic racism from the early twentieth century is demonstrated in the novel, Devil in a Blue Dress. Mosley writes a compelling story of racism, centered on a young black veteran named Easy Rawlins who finds himself fighting against post-World War II society. The protagonist is loosely based upon Mosley’s own father’s experiences from that time (Lev 73). Easy is a reflective character determining how to resolve the moral complexities and ethical choices he experiences, both as a private detective and as a black man of the Post War era (73). Mosley’s noir-style story is set in the late 1940’s Los Angeles when Easy has been unfairly laid off from his job and finds work as a detective paid under the table (Mosley, Devil in the Blue Dress 5). At the same time, Easy experiences the systemic racism of the period during the entire course of the novel. In one interaction, he chats with a Jewish woman and finds himself confronted by racist men; Hey! the tallest one said. Whats wrong?N’s trying to pick up Barbara.Yeah, an shes just jailbait† (Mosley, Devil in the Blue Dress 22). Mosley’s work demonstrates a distant and different time period. The reader gets drawn into the specific injustices that reflect the kind of experiences that black men would have experienced during that time while trying to complete an honest day’s work. Mosley brings his own sense of the present day to this novel, creating a story that encapsulates the experience of his father’s generation that echo well into the present day. Mosley wants the reader to firmly grasp the experience of African American people, so that they can obtain a glimpse of what life must have been like for many people from the past. In doing so, he allows the message to resonate the reader’s experience in the present, and predict a potential future. Mosley desires to create, for the reader, a world where African Americans are shown to be hard working and striving against a hostile society in spite of their circumstances. Much of the inequality he describes, in Devil in a Blue Dress and other novels, is the everyday, mundane racism. This is the kind caused by systemic inequality and is experienced by those that are not born into the lottery of the right zip code, the right family, or getting the acceptable education (Dews 2016). In an interview, Mosley discussed that he was working diligently to show a new perspective of another society from a fresh pair of eyes, so that his readers could see the reality of a potential future compared to the distant past (Locus Online). In the science fiction novel Futureland, Mosley compiled a handful of loosely connected short stories that circulate around a predicted future African American experience. The novel is filled with strong, smart, self-reliant characters working toward a better future within the framework of a dystopian future. One story in particular, â€Å"The Nig in Me,† the author focuses on the experience of being an African American man in the future he describes. In the story, society has followed the logical conclusion of deeming the value and worthiness from the color of one’s skin. Mosley wants the reader to see the creeping effects of racism that has been seeping through the past and present situations and how they might affect a future society. Mosley’s goal of this story is to serve as a warning to potential future generations. The protagonist, Harold Bottoms, is a black man whose family perpetually struggled financially and finds himself also fighting for survival in this bleak future. Harold is subjected to the experience of systemic racism based upon his own low income, lack of opportunities, and even his parent’s income. An example of this comes when Harold’s parents struggled and wound up lost to the system, lost in the dust to what Harold’s society knows as â€Å"white noise† and forbidden from finding work â€Å"White Noise, Backgrounder, Muzak Jack — Words that define the poor souls that lost their labor rights permanently† (Mosley, Futureland 321). The white people of Mosley’s story do not struggle financially as much as Harold and the people from his culture seem to struggle. Racism can be perpetuated through corrupt systems. It is found everywhere within our experience and Mosley seems to be stating that racism will not be eliminated unless there is massive change within the hearts of the people delivering actions. This mindset is often motivated by power, and greed, or in some cases, fear in others (Corlett 71). Economic racism can be amplified by the way organizations are managed and empower some groups to take advantage of others. The best way to push against this concept is to empower those individuals that can push back against corporate power (Dews 2016). These white groups and corporations are the main antagonists of both of Mosleys works. A targeted and racist biochemically engineered disease is created in â€Å"The Nig in Me,† and capitalized upon by the racist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) organization. The disease was originally designed to target and kill the genes shared by African American people. The plague ends up backfiring on the same attackers, sending a less than subtle message to the reader that black people, regardless of the situation in which they find themselves, will always continue to prevail even in the darkest of times. It is a bleak message of hope. The racist plague unintentionally targets white people instead of its intended target, and the only survivors of the plague are those that have even the smallest amount of African DNA within their genes. Mosley describes racism as something that evolves, changes, and is eventually destroyed by the ones responsible for started it. Mosley writes of a world where black people can find themselves surviving the racism of white people. Surviving those that want to murder them simply because of the color of their skin. In Devil in a Blue Dress, Easy Rawlins struggles, but continues to survive. He knows how to protect himself, and warily enjoys the support that his white employer provides him. Mosley writes of the situational racism he has experienced and watched personally. It shapes his own writing and the characters he forms are on the defensive, they are strong, young men that fight for their rightful place in a society that seeks to undermine them. For example, in â€Å"The Nig in Me,† Harold, though losing his family to a corrupt and racist system years prior, and the threat of a new plague ends up surviving because of â€Å"a sizable portion of Negro blood in their veins† (Mosley, Futureland 346). The characters of each story still struggle for money and the life they want just like anyone. The protagonists from each story, Easy and Harold, have forged a home within the world where they do not feel like they are wanted. Mosley wants to create a world where his characters are black, yet feel at home, and they feel that they can survive, even when the world they live in works against them (Finding a Way Home: A Critical Assessment of Walter Mosleys Fiction, XI, 3-4). Money is an ever present and urgent need and Mosley uses examples to show the racial divide within a society where corporations use people for their own gain. In â€Å"The Nig in Me,† he focuses on the potential reality of what a systemically racist future may hold. Corporations hold Harold’s culture and society close, taking the money that he needs to survive. In the future scenario, Harold desperately requires money, and if he cannot procure the money he needs, then he will die, or worse, lose everything. â€Å"Roving mobs of black and white ruffians were battling in the streets of the major American cities. Astonished Caucasians who survived the plague realized that there was a sizeable portion of Negro blood in their veins† (Mosley, Futureland 351). The white antagonists in the story do not struggle like Harold does. He requires an identity card to live, which gets him access to places, and provides him with the basics of food and shelter. If that identity card were to be lost, Harold would not survive for long, finding himself forgotten or even ignored. â€Å"If I go off the force one more time, Sheila says she’ll pull the plug. Three times more and I’m White Noise† (351) Mosley uses this tension to demonstrate the financial desperation the characters feel. Money is a primary motivating element in each of Mosley’s works and the author demonstrates that fact by using monetary value as a focal point to create tension within each of the stories. Mosley believes that the need for money forces people to work harder than they normally might. In Harold’s scenario, corporations actively work against the better interests of society and steal money from them. The plague that Harold survives was literally created by wealthy racists to kill all people of African American ancestry (Mosley, Futureland 336). World’s comin’ to an end.† Jamey said to his friend. â€Å"And ElectroDog wants to get the last dollar (346). Even at the end of the short story, companies are still fighting to gather more money. They create new products and toys for people in a consumerist scenario under the misperception that they desperately need them. In Harold’s view, he cannot do anything without the identity card, and he cannot get a replacement. The Corporations in his life are mimicking the corporations that Mosley says exist today. In â€Å"The Nig in Me,† Mosley uses this fictional world to show how money has become scarcer, and how hard the people in the future will have to work in comparison to the people of the present day. In the fictional world of Mosley’s future corporations, society is divided into a fractured, parallel world of struggling black and white people: Each member of society either works to support â€Å"the System† or struggles to work in spite of it. Either way, those that struggle find themselves lost and forgotten. (Conversations with Walter Mosley, 103). This scenario of sacrificing lives for money can also be reflected in the past. Pressure from large corporate interests play a role in Mosley’s work. In Devil in a Blue Dress, the theme of money has the applied pressure from racism of the time. â€Å"The law, he (Easy) continued, is made by the rich people so that the poor people cant get ahead† This is a common thread in the author’s work and since the novel is set in the 1940’s, even a small amount of money plays an important role in comparison to the present or in the world of â€Å"The Nig in Me’s.† Easy Rawlins is fighting for every last dollar, using each to get further into his business of finding what he set out for. What today’s society would consider a small amount of money is a foreign concept to Easy Rawlins, because that is what can be found in a rich man’s wallet. However, Easy quickly obtains a generous amount of money during the course of the novel. The law, he continued, is made by the rich people so that the poor people cant get ahead (Mosley, Devil in the Blue Dress 75). Easy understands that the odds are stacked against him, but he makes the most of his situation and pushes through to be a successful young man regardless of his circumstances. Mosley writes of Easy’s careful spending and how everything he spends his money on was used for his benefit like bills, or paying for drinks to get future persons of interest to open up their knowledge. As a black man, Mosley shows that Easy was a fighter, and working hard for his cash because just a few years prior, he is still not respected for his race. The money that Easy earns in the story is all an investment for a secure future. Mosley writes this dissonance between the two stories to show how race impacting monetary value. In contrast to Easy’s character, Harold lives many years in the future. Racism is still prominent, but not as rampant as Easy’s world. The racism that thrives is easily hidden while the gap between rich and poor is wider, making the racist plague a shock to everyone around them (Mosley, Futureland 345). Harold, while struggling with his income, does not take time to care or protect himself from The System. He obsessively protects his identity card and his life. â€Å"He hadn’t let go of his ID-Chip in twelve years, since the day of his labor adulthood at fifteen† (Mosley, Futureland 329). However, when it comes to money, Harold is the opposite of Easy Rawlins. He is reckless and ambivalent about tomorrow. For example, he dismisses the objections of his friend after taking money from a dead lover, She was dead, man. She didn’t need it and her familyâ€⠄¢s rich. You know the parmeds woulda taken that shit in a minute (Mosley, Futureland 345). This is an example of how Harold spirals into a mindset of deviancy when the world begins to end, rationalizing his behaviors and thought processes. Mosley uses this example to show that young black men in America will always survive, even when the odds are stacked against them. Mosley uses this to urge that the world should change how they perceive racism in respect to why Harold behaves in this manner. For a reflection on a possible future, Mosley discussed his view on a cultural milestone of his futuristic novel Futureworld in comparison with the sci-fi fantasy Star Wars films during an interview. He remarked on the lack of African American representation in Star Wars as a reflection of the future being free of people of color, and even though the filmmakers attempted to remedy that picture, they were never truly successful (Locus Online). In each story, racism revolves around learned behaviors, stub bornness, and greed. White people in Moseley’s stories are either racist antagonists or passive bystanders. The Jewish woman that Easy spoke to did not take the opportunity to defend him against racist threats and Easy remained cautious. For example, Mosley writes, â€Å"Junior liked to make up any old wild story, I knew that, but there were too many white people turning up for me to feel at ease† (Mosley, Devil in the Blue Dress 75). Easy’s experience captured the experience of people of color of the Post-War period, competing for and failing to gain access to the coveted white suburbia of the time (Mullins 2013). While Harold and Easy do not have an active distaste for white people within their stories, they are justifiably cautious men when it comes to their interactions with other races. This is a learned behavior that the two men have experienced, though many years apart in history. The two men struggle with their finances but in altogether different ways and reasons. Both men live in societies that allow people of color to struggle, and the large institutions of their times take extra measures to allow those struggles to exists due to greed and capitalism. During Easy’s time, African Americans were actively discriminated from purchasing homes in white neighborhoods (Mullins 2013). Walter Mosley’s works sadly show that racism may not ever change. The philosopher George Santayana once wrote, â€Å"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it† (Santayana 284). The experience of racism goes much deeper for people that live behind the color of their skin. This theme of systemic racism goes hand in hand with the poverty that affects the income of African Americans. Mosley writes from the point of view that people of color are prisoners within their own skin, because of how society has placed that burden on them. In his works, these prisoners of their own skin, and their basic needs, become a constant focus, but they cannot make a good wage because the companies of their respective times are empowered to take advantage of others. The results of systemic racism and palpable at the end of each story. Racism becomes personal and not limited just to how one group may hate another. Racism, in all of its forms, will not only remain in America, but endure for many years to come, due to the overtly corrupt system that exists, unless substantial changes are made. In his works, Mosley concisely displays that racial prejudices of each respective time period remains unchanged. The future of racism, in the form of economic disparity, must be balanced with not only the knowledge of the past, but the implementation of its lessons to change the course of civilization. In this way, society will avoid the dystopia that Mosley keeps predicting.